Minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies

The undergraduate minor in Native American and Indigenous studies requires a minimum of 15 s.h., including at least 12 s.h. completed at the University of Iowa. Students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the minor and in all UI courses for the minor.

Students complete one introductory course and 12 s.h. in elective coursework as indicated below. Elective courses reflect the program’s emphasis on Indigenous histories in the Americas, Indigenous cultures and literatures, and Indigenous Peoples in global perspective. Elective courses from several departments ensure that students are exposed to different themes. Students may consult with the NAIS coordinator.

Listed below are the general categories of coursework required to earn the degree; for more specific information on courses, curriculum, and requirements of the minor in Native American and Indigenous studies, visit the UI General Catalog.

Coursework Requirements
Title Hours
Introductory Courses 3
Electives (with Indigenous content) 12
Total Hours 15